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Black Jasminum
  • Black Jasminum

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    Our Black Jasminum candle is the perfect addition to any home. Hand poured with a wooden wick, this vegan candle is made with a clean burning blend of soy and hemp wax. It features high quality phthalate and paraben free fragrance oils that create a luxurious scent of jasmine. The wooden wick provides a relaxing crackling sound while burning, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy a clean burn and long-lasting scent with our Black Jasminum candle.



    Rich notes of Red currant, black currant, Jasmine, peach black tea, anise, tonal and citrus


    Scent Throw


    This scent has a strong scent throw. 



    Sizing Information


    This comes in a beautiful  12oz  glass vessel simple yet elegant vessel that is perfect for reuse as a votive, pot, beverage container, you name it. It has a 45 to 55 hours burn time. Be sure to completely remove all candle excess from vessel before reusing.




    We use the best quality ingredients to create our clean burn candles. This candle is made using natural luxury coconut, soy, hemp wax, high quality-phthalate & paraben free fragrance oils, and wooden wicks wicks.

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