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Caring For Your Candles

While we know you are excited to light your New Favorite Candle follow the steps below to make sure your candle is always looking and feeling as amazing as you do and more importantly Keeping you and your family save is important our priority.

Candle care tips.png


If your candle extinguishes the first time you light it, simply try relighting it until it catches, this may take a few tries. The main reason a wick wont stay lit is because the candle was not burnt correctly on the first burn. When lighting a wood wick candle, the best technique is to tilt on an angle and let the wick ( kind of like how you tilt a match after lighting). It may also take several tries to get it lit! The heat from the flame needs to get the wax through the wick before it will start burning nicely. When in doubt, give it another try - once you get it going, it should light up more easily. 


It is imperative that we create candles that envelop rooms with gorgeous scents, transporting you to a deserted island, forest or a field of flowers. Each of our fragrances have been carefully created and blended. Our Fragrance has the ability to enhance mood and wellbeing. Our candle fragrance are phthalate free and paraben free, high-end luxury fragrances of superior quality. Most of our Fragrance oils are what they call clean scents which do not have five of the main hazard 


Besides looking unique, they provide a soft crackling sound when burning to create an alluringly warm ambience. Wood wicks are not harmful toxins, and have little to no carbon build-up, debris or soot.

Why Coconut Hemp Soy Wax?

The wax in your candles can have a significant impact on your health and environment.  Which means we at Big Energy Candle Co take pride in offering you the best quality eco-friendly products available.  Our candles are made with small amounts paraffin wax. Coconut, Soy, & Hemp wax burns clean, slow, and smoothly. This wax allows your candles to last up to 50% longer than a traditional candle.  While no flame will ever be soot-free, Coconut Soy Hemp wax produces far less soot than other waxes.  Our naturally creamy white candles provide a luxurious aroma to your home living area.

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